About Mikel


200hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 

CrossFit Kettlebell 

Jon North Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Mikel’s goal is for everyone to be able to experience the capacity and capabilities of their bodies. Mikel grew up competing in swimming and cheerleading. Post high school she lost sight of how successful sports and exercise can make you feel. Through suffering with an eating disorder and spending years telling her body how incapable, and not enough it was – CrossFit was the thing that helped remind her of those feelings of success. She walked into a gym full of women doing pull-ups and lifting things heavier than she ever imagined, she saw a room full of humans stoked on what their bodies were able to do. That was the turning point.

She began to see movement and the variety of shapes and sizes as inspiration. We are all shaped to perform and enjoy movement differently. Mikel wants everyone to find ways of moving their bodies that makes them feel inspired. In 2011 Mikel began her journey into wanting to help transform lives. She started coaching classes back home in Florida and through this has had the privilege of working for many wonderful facilities since. She has led multiple 200hr yoga teacher trainings as well as seminars for Kids fitness both in Crossfit and Yoga. She hopes that we can all find the opportunity to celebrate in all that we are and see motivation in all opportunities we have to grow. 


  1. Why do you train?  

A: I train because I can. Our bodies are all incredibly capable vessels and I choose to utilize the power of movement to explore and celebrate all the things my body CAN do vs. dwelling on all the things I might think it isn't.

2. If there is one exercise that everyone should do, what is it?

A: BURPEES! What I love, and yes I do love burpees - is that it is a full body movement that can be entirely tailored to where you and how you are feeling in your body from day to day. You can move slow enough to feel every single muscle engaged and shake or quick enough that you find yourself bent over looking for your next breath. It incorporates many foundational movements ( plank, push-up, squat ) and when done well can help you to move a little better in your skin everyday.  

3. How do you balance your nutrition and your exercise?

A:  I listen to my body. The thing is, our bodies talk to us, they know what they are need all we have to do is listen. This goes for my diet and my exercise.  

4. What is one thing that not everyone knows about you but would surprise them?

A:  I absolutely loathe driving. It's a "right of passage" I never cared to take advantage of. I'm still trying to figure out if it stems from my unwillingness to grow up or if I was Queen Elizabeth I in my past life, either way I'm seeking a driver for the year 2020!

5. What’s your favorite quote/ mantra?

A: If you can't change the content, change the context.

email - mikel@strengthfarmpdx.com