About Isaiah



NPC Men's Physique Champion

NANBF & IFPA Men's Bodybuilding Competitor

Portland native Isaiah Holt approaches training with enthusiasm, motivation, and pushes for personal accountability. His background in strength conditioning as well as competitive bodybuilding gives him a unique perspective on what a body is capable of achieving.

 "Sacrifice your pleasure for your purpose.

Be Great, Why Not?"


1. Why do I train?

I train because it’s my happy place. I find it to be very therapeutic. I can isolate myself from the world and focus on what I can control. My body, mind and spirit.

2. If there is one exercise everyone should do, what would it be?

The plank. it incorporates so many muscle groups in a short amount of time. even though you’re still you can engage a lot of muscles like glutes, lats, abs.

3.How do you balance your nutrition and exercise?

I do my best to intake 150g-200g of protein a day. Mainly through organic protein powder. I meal prep on sunday’s for the week. and keep protein bars around. Exercise is therapy for me so I strive to train early in the morning to start my day off right!

4. What is your spirit animal and why?

my animal would be a gorilla. because of their strength and size. I can be powerful and gentle. i like to sit on top of buildings and look out into the world.

5.What is one thing that not everyone knows about you, but would surprise them?

I love to play chess. I learned how to play chess over ten years ago. And I play one my phone almost everyday.

6. Favorite quote or mantra?

Be great, Why not?