What is your overall training philosophy?

A:  Our philosophy is that everyone needs to maintain a base level of strength, conditioning, and mobility.  In our training, we will take a personalized approach with you.  Whether you are looking for weight loss, muscle gain, maintain your current size and get stronger, develop more endurance, or train for your specific sport whether Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, MMA, or Competitive CrossFit, our training is for you.  Strength Is For Everyone.  

I’ve never done CrossFit, do you welcome beginners?

A: All of our classes and times encourage beginners to get started.  We will coach you in the fundamentals of strength, conditioning, mobility, and recovery.  Our goal is to provide strength training for everyone.  We believe that every person can develop their mental, emotional, and physical strength in all of our classes.  

What is the main difference between your Sports Performance training and your CrossFit training?

A:  The main difference is specificity in movements and training modalities.  Depending on your sport, there are different physical requirements in Strength, Power, Speed, and Endurance.  For example, in football each play lasts an average of 2-8 seconds.  Football Athletes need to be very powerfully strong and explosively quick for this duration and able to repeat this effort 40-60 times within 90-120 minutes.  Conversely, a competitive CrossFit athlete may be asked to complete a 5k Run followed by a heavy Deadlift  in the CrossFit Games.  

The CrossFit Games athlete will need to train with more of a balanced 50% strength vs 50% endurance whereas the Football Athlete trains for 50% Strength and Power Endurance and 50% Explosive Speed and Quickness.  Some aspects of our training that transcend specificity of sport or discipline are technique, movement mobility, and core stability. No matter what sport you compete in,  we will work to improve your flexibility and core strength first. There are numerous examples of the differing requirements for each sport, if you would like a more elaborate explanation of how our training can fit your goals, please email

Are you a Crossfit affiliate?

A:  Yes!  We are a registered CrossFit affiliate and offer CrossFit training for anyone looking for a strong community.  Our CrossFit program focuses on movement mechanics, balanced strength and conditioning, olympic weightlifting, yoga, endurance, optimizing recovery, and gymnastics skills. Our coaches have experience competing at the highest levels of competitive CrossFit.  If you’re looking to compete, we will coach you from the fundamentals of competition to the most elite competitive training.  

What would a good class be to start with?

A:  The class we encourage everyone to try is our Strength x Yoga class.  This class is a unique one building strength relative to your body weight and developing a strong base of vinyasa yoga.  Anyone and everyone can try this class and feel confident they will be able to learn yoga and fundamentals of strength and conditioning within the same 60 minute class setting.

Can I do classes while pregnant?

A:  Yes, definitely.  We have seen many pregnant women continue to train and stay strong and fit in our training.  We will help you modify movements to ensure safety and quality of movement to match your current trimester.  Maintaining a strong and healthy body is vital during pregnancy.  

 How early should I arrive for my first class?

A:  Try to be as early as necessary so you can be ready when class starts. 

Do you offer child care?

A:  We do not offer childcare at this time but our lobby is equipped with a few entertaining items for kids that are okay hanging out on their own while you train.  

Do you participate in the CrossFit Games Open?

A:  Yes we do participate, judge, and coach CrossFit athletes during the annual Open.  We’re happy to help you plan and train for the Open, we’re here to help you become the best competitive CrossFit athlete possible.  

Do you have parking, locker rooms, and showers?

A:  We plan on installing a shower in the near future but do not currently have showers.  There is a designated space in our lobby for storage of personal belongings and our parking is available to the public.  If parking is limited, there are usually parking spaces available in the adjacent neighborhood across the Orange Line Max Rail.