Our program is Holistic, meaning every class is interconnected and runs off of the same 12 Week Cycle of periodized volume and intensity.  Every class we offer is synergistic and complimentary to each other.  StrengthFarm programming is designed to maximize the athletic performance and potential of everyone in a personalized manner. Strength Is For Everyone.

Strength x Performance:  Classes include everything we need to develop our bodies and athletic potential: mobility, strength, explosiveness, agility, metabolic conditioning, and professional coaching based around goals of each person. (Included in Unlimited Membership)

Strength x Mobility: Each week you'll work on a different part of the body, alternating between core, shoulders, and hips. There will be a stability portion followed by range of mobility movements. This is meant to challenge small stability muscles, which helps make you stronger and prevent injury. You’ll then finish with some mobility exercises that help your joints and muscles move better. (Included in the Unlimited Membership)

Strength x Sports: Athletes from ages 10 in elementary school to high school, college, and professional athletes on sport specific strength, movement technique, sport specific speed and agility, power endurance, sport specific endurance, and core stability.  Our system begins with evaluation of vertical jump, broad jump, medicine ball tosses for distance and height, various strength and stability tests.  From there we can help athletes train their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.  Our main goal for Sports athletes is to improve their jumping ability, speed and agility, core stability, and sport specific strength. (Not included in the Unlimited membership, *Strength x Sports membership only)