About Cade

Louisiana born and raised, but you would not guess it with his love for climbing, mountain biking, running, backpacking, and other outdoor activities and adventure. But his road to fitness is not all that old. In his mid 20’s Cade worked long hours in engineering offices, doing nothing after work but watching tv. He soon realized he needed to make a change in his bad state of health when he was no longer able to even walk a flight of stairs without having to stop to breathe. Health and fitness had to be first. His journey first started with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Not long after that he was introduced to his first crossfit gym. Four months later, after seeing clear results of the hard work in the gym, he became hooked on it. Getting to see others improve as well, in skills, health, increase in confidence are just a few of the reasons why he coaches today. As well as being able to cultivate a fun and friendly environment where everyone feels welcomed and develop friendships. 


Cade was first introduced introduced into the adaptive athletic world by a seminar with Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance ( ). The experience since then has inspired him to continually work towards helping those who come into the gym that have medical conditions like MS, have lost limbs or paralyzed, or even suffer from TBI, reach their goals they have in fitness. Weather it is being able to play with their kids, participating in a Spartan Race, or just to be able to have a gym you look forward to coming into every time.