Marathon Motivation


“Grueling, painful, taxing, enduring, terrible and even hellacious” are some of the words that have been used by runners after completing their first marathon. Not Samantha. When asked how the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego went this month, she said “I’m damn proud of myself!” She completed her first marathon in 4 hours and 11 minutes after StrengthFarm Marathon Training for 4 months. Her training plan included varied running distances, times, and efforts coupled with a strict weight training program. Her days included tempo running in the mornings and deadlifts, squats, and many other core exercises specific to improving her capacity to run powerfully and for long distances followed in the afternoons. Some days were tougher than others and her rest days were full of stretching and mobility exercises to ensure proper recovery from the vigorous plan.

Two years ago her doctor told her she has spinal arthritis, that she would never run again. After seeing a physical therapist who specialized in running injuries, she learned otherwise. Shortly after learning her condition was not preventing her from running as long as the correct training and nutrition were adhered to, she was more motivated than ever to run her first marathon. A good friend of hers committed to complete it with her and they began their training plans. Samantha stayed true to the StrengthFarm plan and trusted the process of two-a-days while training at a lower mileage rate than others she knew were following running only programs. Her finish time was more than 30 minutes faster than them and she said she felt stronger than ever! Congratulations to Samantha on setting a goal, establishing a plan, and following through to the finish line.