About Betina

As a Nike Master Trainer, Certified Functional Strength Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Betina Gozo takes pride in having the knowledge and qualifications along with the energy, positivity and empathy needed to motivate her clients.    She has recently been crowned Women's Health Magazine's Next Fitness Star 2017 and is excited to be able to share her passion on a whole new platform!

Betina has worked with a wide variety of clients – from 8 year old athletes all the way to active aging seniors! She is also Functional Movement Systems Certified, so she strives to keep all her clients moving correctly so that they can live long, healthy, and functional lives. She prides herself in being able to empathize with all of her clients and works to serve their best needs. Betina has experience leading groups across the nation with Nike Training Club and has been featured on WGN News,  ABC’s Windy City Live, WCIU’s You & Me in the Morning, NBC News, and more as a featured trainer. She has experience teaching a multitude of classes; from high intensity interval training, bootcamp, strength, boxing, and even barre!

She simply wants to promote a happy, healthy lifestyle and lessen the many restrictions burdening our desire to just get started. It takes a certain degree of discipline and serious commitment to achieve personal success, but she is committed to helping her clients reach their individual goals. She assures you that she still indulges and takes days off, but her personal goal will always remain the same… maintain a healthy, functional body while feeling great on a daily basis. She loves to continually challenge herself and her clients…and she will make sure you will have fun while doing it!


1. Why do you train?  

A: I train because I want to inspire others to know that they can be strong and take control of their bodies and lives.  I wasn’t always athletic or “in shape”, and when I discover how GREAT working out made me feel and how other things in my life only went up from there, I wanted everyone else to experience that same feeling!

2. If there is one exercise that everyone should do, what is it? 

A: Inverted or Ring Rows.  We live in a society where we are always on our computers or our phones, and a lot of people tend to have weak back muscles and cores because of it.  The inverted row will teach you good posture, and make your back strong! 

3. How do you balance your nutrition and your exercise? 

A:  I prioritize and plan it.  If you don’t schedule it on your calendar or you don’t prep what you’re going to eat, it’s easy to skip a workout or just go out to eat.  I prep my smoothie mixes the night before and put them in the freezer, I write down what I’m going to cook for the week, and I make sure I have healthy snacks available if I want them.

4. What is one thing that not everyone knows about you but would surprise them? 

A: I used to play in a cover band playing bass guitar for 5 years.  We used to play bars, weddings, festivals, you name it. We even shared the stage with a bunch of random big names: Rev Run, Girl Talk, LeAnn Rimes, the Offspring, and Devo!  Leather boots were in my regular rotation of stage clothes haha

5. What’s your favorite quote/ mantra?

A:  What you do in the dark will bring you into the light.

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