Our Mission

We take a personalized approach to maximize everyone’s Athletic Performance and are dedicated to creating a fun atmosphere that cultivates positive health changes and life-long relationships for all.



1720 SE Haig St, Portland,

OR 97202


5:30am – 7:30pm Tuesday-Friday
8am – 1pm Saturdays


Letter from the Founder:

“Throughout my early childhood my parents made it a point to enroll my siblings and I in as many sports as possible.  We grew up loving to compete and train.  Unfortunately I also battled injuries and sickness due to my lack of understanding nutrition and strength training. With parents who worked long hours and days providing for a large family it was impossible for them to afford any kind of personal trainer or athletic performance training membership for my siblings and I.  We found ourselves doing what work outs we knew how to do, mostly sprinting uphill or racing each other at local parks and the boys and girls club.

 My time in the military showed me there are ways to develop strength in the most simplistic formats.  In StrengthFarm, my vision is to create a fitness center, not only for adults but for people of all ages to become stronger. We value all forms of diversity and it is part of our mission to create an environment where each individual is valued for bringing their own skills and talents. We believe that diversity inclusion makes for a stronger community. 

We coach adults of all ages in a personal one on one or group setting to reach for and attain their goals and aspirations physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We coach young athletes and guide them through their athletic endeavors, supporting them through high school, college and beyond.

We also, coach and help train military recruits. My experience in the military provided me with the unique ability to coach military recruits and I am passionate about preparing them with the skills needed to make the cut. 

StrengthFarm is truly a place where you will see a 50-year old working professional training beside a 15-year old high school kid and performing the same exercise at their own paces respectfully. I believe that everyone is an athlete regardless of any perceived limitation, and it is my promise to help each of my members unleash the power of their potential.  Strength is for Everyone.”

-Sam Johnson